With Election day drawing near, your Executive Board and Union Officers have been working hard to interview and find the best candidates to support our mission to further our wages, benefits and working conditions.  To date we have interviewed over 25 candidates for a variety of races, including Board of Supervisor, Mayor, City Council, and Judges.  We take every interview as an opportunity to educate the candidates on the issues that are important to Firefighters.  Issues such as; Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB), safe staffing, pensions, PTSI as well as a host of issues that face the fire service.  We have also worked closely with California Professional Firefighters to interview candidates for State Assembly and State Senate races.   Listed below are the candidates who have the endorsement of Local 55 for their 2020 election.

Alameda County Board of Supervisors

District 1 David Haulbert


D1 Dan Kalb

D3 Carroll Fife

D5 Noel Gallo

D7 Treva Reid

At large Rebecca Kaplan



Mayor Melissa Hernandez

City Council Samir Qureshi, Mike Mc Corriston


San Leandro

City Council Fred Simon, Ed Hernandez



Mayor Christian Patz

City Council Ally Medina, John Bauters


Alameda County Superior Court Judge

Open endorsement.


Supported Local Ballot measures

Measure X Capitol improvement for Alameda County Fire stations 

Measure VV Transfer Tax San Leandro

Measure PP Tax measure in Newark 



State Level Endorsements for candidates and propositions Coordinated through California Professional Firefighters.


California State Assembly Members

District 15 Buffy Wicks

District 16 Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

District 18 Rob Bonta

District 20 Bill Quirk

District 25 Alex Lee


California State Senate Members

District 7 Steve Glazer

District 9 Nancy Skinner












Yes on PROP 15

As firefighters, we are all too familiar with the increasing ferocity of wildfires in our state. Wildfire season is longer, increasingly dangerous, and more difficult to manage every year. Each of us are away from our families and on the line longer than ever before. The 2020 lightning complex fires made it abundantly clear that we don’t have enough firefighters or resources to effectively respond and manage the new normal for wildfires.

Proposition 15 and Proposition 19 will provide new revenue streams to increase resources and staffing for fire protection.

What will Proposition 15 do?

Proposition 15 will reclaim $7-12 billion every year for schools and local communities, including fire departments and districts by closing the corporate property tax loophole. Only 10% of commercial properties in the state will pay 92% of the projected revenue. Corporations will still benefit from lower property tax rates than Texas or New York. This ballot measure will strictly maintain Prop. 13 protections for all residential properties, apartments, small business properties worth $3 million or less, and agricultural land.

Who’s for it: Teachers, Small Business Owners, Community Advocates, Interfaith Groups

Who is against: Large corporations that seek to maintain historically low tax rates and make record profits at the expense of school and public safety funding.

Why should firefighters support it? 

  • $7-12 billion will be generated in new revenue
  • 60% of the revenue will go to cities and counties, including fire departments and fire districts to increase staffing and resources.
  • 40% of the remaining funds will go to schools and community colleges
  • Information Provided by California Professional Firefighters.  If you would like additional information about candidates and propositions supported by California Professional Firefighters please visit the CPF voter guide
  • http://cpfvoterguide.org